Location: Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Status: Participated – 2012
Client: Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia

Description: The site is located at Jalan Tanduk Bangsar with surrounding infrastructure intact.
The building program consist of multiple use of space such as the KL museum contemporary art exhibition and PAM + GBI +ARCHITECT CENTRE offices.


Architect Statement
Architecture is an art that can translate itself through multiple forms and functions. Our approach is not only to have the program as an exhibition, but to exhibit the building as a contemporary art piece that forms the crafting of new spaces, programs and façade treatment.
Retaining the historical essence of diamond factory is a priority as it is translated through the tessellated façade treatment which acts as a sustainable feature for the building.

Design Concept
The design focuses on the hybrid crafted programs and façade treatment  within the building to expose the experience of :

  • ‘Excitement and exploration’ through its multiple split levels and programs.
  • ‘Seeing and being seen’ through crafted hybrid spaces to allow a sense of connectivity between building occupants
  • ‘Simple yet beautiful’ through the diamond tessellated  façade sun shading device creating no similar spatial experience whether from internal or external.

Thus creating a new building art piece that represents  the identity of PAM as the Malaysian leading Architects Institute as an Architects global world leader.