Location: Seksyen U16 Shah Alam, Selangor
Status: CMGD – 2016
Client: Sime Darby Property

Description: 42 x Semi D (2 Sty)
34 x Terrace House(2 Sty)

Ficus Peak is a gateless neighbourhood, situated on an 18-acre flat-hill land at the highest point of the new Denai Alam Township. It comprises a mixture of wide double frontage Semi-Detached & Superlink units with ample green pocket spaces that encourages friendly neighbourhood interaction.

Whilst responding to client’s requirement, the AbRaz Arkitek achieved to produce a housing development that stood out among the surrounding conventional housing development typologies through
bespoke unconventional master planning.

-New Typology
Through series of experimentations, two “Wide Frontage” dwelling types of 50-80ft wide and 55-60ft deep were proposed. They provide wider facades facing the street, exposing various opportunities for interaction between indoor and outdoor areas. Its proportion allowed each volume to be penetrated from front to back by an open-plan common space (living, dining & dry kitchen). This makes the house permeable, thus, grant dual frontage.

-Spatial Quality
Practical spatial qualities were designed by overlapping areas with each other horizontally and vertically through open-plan and double volume (common space). These “expandable” areas encourage the occupant to personalise, utilize & adapt into them to accommodate current needs. The house’s open-able facade and layered section allows optimum natural light and cross ventilation through, which promotes passive design.

-Form Meets Function
The mass of every house was split into parts based on different spaces and functions, with each height adjusted accordingly, hence, giving a staggered effect to its profile. The traditional gable roof is replaced with flat roof, creating a modern facade. To achieve “transparent homes”, the architect designed various large windows into strategic parts of the house, to increase its porosity for
maximum visual connection inside-out. This effect collectively creates free communal surveillance & transparency within the guarded neighbourhood.

The development implements usage of IBS systems for the house; such as precast concrete slab, steel staircase, UCO solid wall, pocket door, load bearing precast concrete wall functioning as structural “fins”, as well as prefab roof trusses with metal deck roofing system complete with Sisalation.

Despite designing mass housing with modular construction applications, the Architect was able to break its uniformity through coherent & progressive design solutions by reinventing a conventional scheme into a new housing typology. Ficus Peak is a micro reflection of the client’s macro ideology of Denai Alam being a modern Malay Kampong which stresses on