Location: Hulu Langat
Status: Completed – 2017
Client: Private

Description: This project is in a suburb 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, popular for local natural attractions and staycations. Within the rear of a 3 acre-land with existing infrastructure, landscape and scattered buildings, lie a holiday villa made of 20’ and 40’ shipping containers with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a multipurpose area. Its location & orientation were determined to suit surrounding amenities as a piece of a puzzle.

To save construction time and reduce works on site, the villa is designed to three separate elements, a “platform”, prefabricated “boxes” and “cover”. Interpreted as an industrial Malay Kampung House, the occupants are greeted by a set of steel steps onto a concrete threshold between nature and the containers. Passive cooling and lighting is implemented through maximum openings. A square tiered steel roof with skylight hovers above creating a stack effect.

The villa’s layout allows it to be used as a whole, separately or partially, catering different needs. Both containers protect privacy, valuables & services yet are able to expand outwards physically and visually despite its compact space. They are arranged in an L shape, wrapping around a semi-outdoor common area for cooking, dining, swimming and cinema creating a campfire effect between occupants.